About Corion Foundation

Corion Foundation is a Swiss-based foundation founded in 2016.

It was created with the aim of helping the development and expansion of stablecoins in the world.

Foundation mission

The need for blockchain-based stable price payment asset (stablecoins) has been demonstrated in the section on market information. Most of the payment assets are only functioning as intermediaries on several above exchanges. With our activity, we are helping to increase the adoption of payment assets in everyday life with the use of our infrastructures. CorionX utility token is functioning as an incentive for the usage of stablecoins.

Our aim is to encourage world-wide adoption of the stablecoins. To help unbanked, young people gain access to swift, safe and cheap banking. We support projects that are working on such developments in gaining new clients, contacts and infrastructure. Corion Foundation aims to create a common platform for such projects, as their universal adoption is what all of us are looking for. We are determined and will do everything possible to make stablecoins available in most e-wallets, hence making them accessible in more and more regions of the world. This helps users, to have access to stable pay-per-click, crypto payments, regardless of what wallet they use.

The Foundation will finance its ongoing activities from previous donations, new donations, the result of its asset management and income made from its activities in a non-profit way. Its audited report is prepared under Swiss law.

How can the Foundation facilitate stablecoin projects directly?

The Corion Foundation helps the generalisation of stablecoins with the following activities:

  • Market research

Unique support to stablecoin projects, special partnership/membership,

  • Consulting

What kind of infrastructure is the Corion Foundation building for stablecoins?

Usability is one of the most important aspects of the mainstream adoption of stablecoins. Sadly we cannot accept the masses to store their own private key safely or to run nodes on their computer. Stablecoins can only really be accepted, if they are at least as easy to use the more conventional ways of money keeping (e.g. online banks) Thus, in the case of cryptocurrencies for day-to-day purchasing (non-speculative or stock market trading), it is indispensable for third-party service providers to intervene.

We aim to make all stablecoins accessible on our platform if they are deemed valid by our group of experts. Giving the possibility to all users to store, transfer and buy these assets on the same platform. With it’s operations Corion Foundation is set to support the creation of a fintech company that support stablecoins and is capable of creating an infrastructure that complies with all relevant regulations and data protection laws.

Abstract from Foundation white paper:

The exchange of value between parties has a long history, from barter all the way to the world of digital currencies. Nowadays users expect to be able to transfer money at any given time of day (24/7), anywhere they might be on the planet, to anyone regardless of their age or sex, instantly, for a low cost with ease. The real development phase is just starting and it has plenty of business opportunities!

To be able to expand the range of alternative means of payment, there is a strong need for an easy-to-use e-wallet, a stable price payment asset, blockchain technology, a dedicated community and market players.

In a few years, almost half of the world’s financial transactions will be made through e-wallets. Blockchain technology has become an significant factor in the world of payments. These payment assets require some sort of a “backing” in order to stay stable. In the international market, at least 48 project offering as solution to every day monetary operation have been started recently. The Corion Foundation — the author of this whitepaper — is dedicated to assist and support projects that offer blockchain-based stable price payment solutions. It offers a common infrastructure for these projects, besides other general and unique services that simplify the use of stablecoins. In order to achieve this, a mutual E-wallet, swap, merchant gateway will be developed and marketed.

Corion Foundation is entering the market with a stablecoin (CorionPay) in the near future via a fintech company. The Foundation’s view is that there is great opportunity for alternative means of payment and their expansion. Anyone who develops a business, business relationship, capital, or even a user site can benefit from it.

The Corion Foundation has created the CorionX utility token, which will be used partly for CorionPay backing, partly for listing on its infrastructure, for using foundation services, and for users to use the platform. The CorionX token (Ethereum-based ERC20 token) will be entering (Stablecoin Loyalty Program) the market via the stablecoin community in 2018, which can only be purchased at exchanges later.

The Corion Foundation, which was registered in 2016 in Switzerland, is supported by a dedicated core team, advisors and ambassadors. We are looking forward to welcoming new pioneers who want to contribute to the historic breakthrough of the blockchain-based stable price payment assets, hereinafter stablecoins, thus making Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream of P2P payments.



Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World. www.corion.io

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Corion Foundation

Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World. www.corion.io