About Corion Foundation

Our aim is to encourage world-wide adoption of the stablecoins. To help unbanked, young people gain access to swift, safe and cheap banking. We support projects that are working on such developments in gaining new clients, contacts and infrastructure. Corion Foundation aims to create a common platform for such projects, as their universal adoption is what all of us are looking for. We are determined and will do everything possible to make stablecoins available in most e-wallets, hence making them accessible in more and more regions of the world. This helps users, to have access to stable pay-per-click, crypto payments, regardless of what wallet they use.

The Foundation will finance its ongoing activities from previous donations, new donations, the result of its asset management and income made from its activities in a non-profit way. Its audited report is prepared under Swiss law.

  • Market research
  • Publishing supporting articles about stablecoins
  • Review on our blog and social media channels
  • Interview with industry experts (blog or video interview)
  • Users tests
  • Mutual infrastructure (e-wallet, swap, merchant gateway)
  • Dedicated stablecoin booths at events, roundtable talks, representing the stablecoin community
  • Convincing e-wallet providers to accept stablecoin
  • Obtaining acceptance of stablecoins by a wide range merchants, payment providers
  • Consulting
  • Business model and whitepaper review
  • Legal, company setup
  • Code review
  • Fundraising, investment
  • Representing on events
  • Wallet, merchant gateway, swap integration
  • Merchant acquisition
  • Access to community

To be able to expand the range of alternative means of payment, there is a strong need for an easy-to-use e-wallet, a stable price payment asset, blockchain technology, a dedicated community and market players.

In a few years, almost half of the world’s financial transactions will be made through e-wallets. Blockchain technology has become an significant factor in the world of payments. These payment assets require some sort of a “backing” in order to stay stable. In the international market, at least 48 project offering as solution to every day monetary operation have been started recently. The Corion Foundation — the author of this whitepaper — is dedicated to assist and support projects that offer blockchain-based stable price payment solutions. It offers a common infrastructure for these projects, besides other general and unique services that simplify the use of stablecoins. In order to achieve this, a mutual E-wallet, swap, merchant gateway will be developed and marketed.



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Corion Foundation

Corion Foundation


Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World. www.corion.io