Blockchain Budapest will host one of the region’s most exciting conferences with star speakers such as Nick Szabo

Hungary has been in the forefront of the Middle-European blockchain research and development. Most of the iconic universities of the country have already started their blockchain courses including the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Moreover, the country now also gives place to a major blockchain conference, namely Blockchain Budapest.

The last event that took place during January this year counted as a great success and now the organizers are planning to repeated it in a bit more than a week. The next conference starts on the 8th of Novemberand will include 2 days of non-stop Blockchain and DLT information sharing. This time Blockchain Budapest will be held in the iconic Balna, which is a conference and shopping center in the heart of the city, next to the river Danube.

The conference will host 800 to 1000 attendees and over 50 exhibitors in the middle of the city. This will make it one of the biggest conferences of Central Europe. Additionally to favor new businesses, the conference organizers are running a Demo Day, which will give a great opportunity for groups to pitch their ideas in front of experts and gain potential good exposure to the industry.


Speakers will include several blockchain and DLT experts from the region and beyond:

➤ Nick Szabo — A legendary figure in the blockchain space, owner of the bitgold proposal and the first to formulate ‘smart contracts’

➤ Pablo Coirolo — Former CEO of Telefonica Data Uruguay and now leader of Light47, an ICO and blockchain consulting firm

➤ Csabai Csaba — CEO of InLock and Crypto-blogger slash consultant

➤ Silur — Hacker, cryptographer and member of the Monero Research Lab

➤ Bjørn Alsos — COO of BitBay

➤ and a lot more…


Topics will range from everything related to the current trend in blockchain, cryptography and fintech. The speakers will discuss the business aspects and value potential of blockchains, stablecoins, international state of blockchains and the conference will also feature several workshops that will try and shed light on the mysterious aspects of the technology.

Full agenda and list of speakers:

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