Corion Coin and Corion Premium token Swap opportunity for CorionX tokens

Please visit the updated SWAP annoncement:

Corion Coin and Corion Premium token Swap opportunity for CorionX tokens

CorionX was created, inter alia, to be a unit account in the stablecoin world. The launch of CorionX will not be proceeded by any free airdrops. Instead, the tokens will be distributed between the users, developers and supporters of the industry in exchange for their engagement. It is our belief that everyone who is a Corion coin user is also committed to the entire stablecoin industry. Hence, the Board members of the Corion Foundation have decided that all Corion coin users are able to swap their Corion coins for CorionX tokens at an especially preferential rate -subject to certain conditions.

1.) What is CorionX token?

CorionX stands for stablecoins. It brings the different stablecoin projects together, to introduce them to the world and supports the building of a stablecoin user community through the Stablecoin Movement camapigns.

Corion Foundation will create the frame to spread, use and pay with different stablecoins. CorionX leads the Stablecoin Movement to succeed in the paradigm shift and using stable crypto as payment. CorionX is a “gas” for the stablecoin infrastructure, the Stablecoin Movement and a utility asset to back stablecoins. CorionX provides a lot of benefits in usage and trading of stablecoins to its users. CorionX is a blockchain-based ERC20 standard utility token. Total supply: 400.000.000, non-renewable (

2.) When and where will the CorionX token be listed on an exchange (official launch)?

CorionX is a coin project that aims to succeed without the launch of any free Airdrop. The Corion Foundation will use it’s developed infrastructure, years of financial experience and a large influential network to make the CorionX utility token successful. CorionX tokens will be distributed among the members, backers and supporters of the stablecoin communities. Corion Coin holders will have the opportunity to take part in special swap promotion to get CorionX token.

CorionX official Launch: 2019.

Exchange partner: LaToken (

3.) How much is the emission value of CorionX token?

CorionX token emission value is: 0.015 Usd / 1 CorX

4.) What is the Corion coin / CorionX token swap promotion value?

1 Corion Coin = 25 CorionX token. The distribution of CorionX tokens will be scheduled as follows.

5.) What is the Corion Premium token / CorionX token swap promotion value?

1 Corion Premium token = 25.000 CorionX token. The distribution of CorionX tokens will be scheduled as follows.

6.) What is the scheduling for the distribution process?

After the Corion coin and Corion Premium swap processes the distribution of the CorionX token will be scheduled. 40% of the CorionX tokens will be transferred at the time of the swapping process. The rest of the tokens will be allocated evenly for 15 consecutive months with 1/25 of the total amount being sent on the 15th day of every month until the total amount is reached.

Note: CorX tokens will be sent to the public ETH address that is provided by you at the beginning of the process.

7.) What is Stablecoin Loyalty Program?

60.000.000 CorionX tokens are allocated as a loyalty bonus for CorionX holders. CorionX loyalty tokens address:

These will be released by the Corion Foundation within 18 months after launch (2019). This 60.000.000 CorionX tokens will be distributed as follows:

4 instalments of 15.000.000 CorionX tokens each time, in proportion to capital between all public addresses holding CorionX tokens on the following dates.

After the official launch ( 2019):

I.) 15.07.2019. 15.000.000 CorionX tokens are distributed, in proportion to capital

II.) 15.10.2019. 15.000.000 CorionX tokens are distributed, in proportion to capital

III.) 15.01.2020. 15.000.000 CorionX tokens are distributed, in proportion to capital

IV.) 15.04.2020. 15.000.000 CorionX tokens are distributed, in proportion to capital

Each of the four 15.000.000 token releases will be distributed between those addresses that hold CorionX tokens at that given time in proportion to capital (based on the number of CorionX token hold at that time).

At the given dates the Corion Foundation scans all public addresses on the entire Ethereum network for the amount of CorionX tokens they hold.

Note: You will not receive loyalty bonus after the amounts of CorionXs that are held in your wallet on exchanges ( as those wallets are impossible to scan.

8.) How can I swap during the promotional period?

You can start the process by clicking on the following link:


Fill in all of the field of the Swap form and simply click ‘send’. With that you have submitted your request and we will contact you via the e-mail address that you provide. Note: Please check your spam folder as well, just in case.

9.) What is the timeline for the swap promotion?

The swap promotional opportunity is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 CLOSED: only for Corion Premium (CorP) Tokens

it was open from 10th december 2018 — to 21th december 2018


For Corion Premium (CorP) and for Corion Coin (Cor) too:

from 7th january 2019 — to 15th of february 2019.

The promotion is only available during the above mentioned two phases.

If you want to swap in the promotion Corion Coin to CORX, you can send your Corion Coin (“COR”) units from Corion Wallet, or from your ETC public address using Parity or other ETC compatible e-wallet, or from Cryptopia exchange where you can purchase Corion Coin.

10.) What are the amount limits for the swap process?

Corion coin:

- min: 200 Corion coins per process

- max: 200.000 Corion coins per process

Corion Premium:

- min: 1 Corion Premium token per process

- max: 200 Corion Premium token per process

Submitting incorrect amount will automatically be rejected.

Altogether maximum 6.000.000 Corion Coin and 852 Corion Premium will be able to be swaped in the promotion

11.) I sent my Corion Coins/ Corion Premium tokens, how long will it take until I get my CorionX tokens?

You will be contacted via e-mail within two (2) days after submitting your request on the website.This e-mail will contain the address to which you have to send your Corion coins or Corion Premium tokens. Please bare in mind that you have to execute this transfer within 2 days after receiving the e-mail.

Once you have transferred your Corion coins / Corion Premium tokens the first installment (40%) of CorionX tokens will be sent to the ETH address that you have provided within 48 hours. The remaining 60% will be distributed to that same address according to a schedule.

12.) Where can I create an Ethereum (ETH) address (own private key)?

To receive your CorionX tokens you will be asked to enter your unique wallet address to swap sing-in. We recommend that you use the Trust wallet ( but you may also use other native Ethereum wallets as long as they are ERC-20 compatible, such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist or imToken.

We DO NOT recommend that you store your CorionX tokens directly on an exchange (e.g: Coinbase) as they might get lost and we will not be able to recover them.

How to create an ETH address via Trust wallet? You can find many videos on Youtube, one of the best ones:

13.) How can I buy CorionX tokens after the promotional swap opportunity ends?

After closing the promotional swap period you will only able to buy/sell Corion Coins and CorionX tokens on the available exchanges with the given market conditions.

14.) What happens to the Corion coins and Corion Premium tokens that are sent in swap for CorionX tokens?

All of the Corion Coins and Corion Premium tokens that are sent to the Corion Foundation during the promotional swap opportunity will be destroyed (burn function). Meaning that the amount of Corion coin and Corion Premium tokens will constantly decline during this period.

15.) What will happen with the ‘unswaped’ Corion Coins after the promotional swap opportunity ends?

The Corion coin is, based on decentralized, open-source coded contract, it is independent of the Corion Foundation’s activities. So it will be available on the ETC blockchain.

Corion Foundation remains dedicated to all stablecoin backing attempts and solutions created by the community and the algorithm. In line with our activity we encourage the blockchain development community to search for and explore the possibility of stablecoin that is backed by an algorithm / community.

16.) Where can I find the CorionX token terms & conditions, risk disclosure?

You can find it on our offical website and in the whitepaper will be launched later.

Don’t forget! You need to read and understand it, before you sign-up to the swap process! Available here:




Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.

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Corion Foundation

Corion Foundation

Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.

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