Corion Foundation has attended the ‘After the Bell’ event which brought some top-of-mind issues in the blockchain & stablecoin space.

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Decentralization in Payments, Lending & Peer-to-Peer Blockchain technology has seen a flurry of new innovations and a wave of adoption in the last few years. At its core, blockchain is built on decentralization principles. Similar to the impact on-line purchasing has had to bricks and mortar shopping, blockchain has and will continue to have an impact on finance. In this panel we discussed issues including:

  • Decentralized market places & the effect on global markets
  • Impact on payments , lending and peer-to-peer
  • Where is disruption having the biggest impact?
  • Blockchain or decentralized companies: Where to invest now?


Farid Tejani, Partner, Ampersand & Head of Strategy, Crown Platform

Simon Taylor, Co-Founder, 11FS

Ulyana Shtybel, Co-Founder & VP, HighCastle

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When observing the market in cryptocurrencies today, the fluctuation and risk has caused alarms in the investment community — whether an individual or institutional investor. With the advent of stablecoins, these may serve as a bridge between the fiat world and the digital currency marketplace. But what are the risks and the advantages? And which firms will be leading the way in adaption and market share?

In this panel we addressed issues including:

  • What are stablecoins/security tokens and how are they differentiated from other digital currencies?
  • How do you generate alpha from stablecoin?
  • Liquidity issues
  • Dealing with risk aversion
  • What is the advantage of adopting stablecoin & why should people invest?
  • How do you get institutional adoption?
  • Regulatory issues


David Acton, CTO, UWIN, Corp. & CoFounder, ĐPactum

Nikola Tchouparov, Co-Founder & CEO, Moneyfold

Piotr Arendarski, Chief Economist, Blockchain Board of Derivatives

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Panels Facilitator: Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal, The Mankoff Company & Founder, After the Bell Events

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Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.

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