Corion Foundation’s vision & for what CorionX utility token stands for?

Our Swiss-based, independent Corion Foundation is active in the stablecoin industry since 2016. It promotes and supports research, development, understanding, adaption and investment in the stablecoin market and affirms the importance of the blockchain, stablecoins and Decentralized Finance. Corion Foundation will be working on to reach 20mn daily payment stablecoin users in the next few years.

Traditional currencies, financial markets and transaction methods are changing today and an update is needed. New technologies, and a new form of money is quietly being tested worldwide right now — Stablecoins and Decentralized Finance are the new crypto instruments which will have the full potential to change how finance becomes digital globally.

Motto: “#MoneyInTheRightDirection.”

Corion Foundation’s aim is to encourage world-wide adoption of stablecoins, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and other reliable cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) in general. To help the unbanked, young people gain access to swift, safe and cheap banking. With our activity, we are helping to increase the adoption of new financial and payment assets in the everyday life with the spreading education. CorionX utility token is functioning as an incentive for the usage of stablecoins and DeFi solutions.

We aim to make all reviewed stablecoins, CBDCs and DeFi accessible on different platforms and to educate their availabilities, use cases and usage, if they are deemed valid by our Scoring and our group of experts. Giving the possibility to all users to store, lend, borrow, transfer and pay with these assets in stablecoin focused applications.

We believe, that in few years, hundreds of millions of people will use stablecoins for their everyday payment, money transfer and finances. So, there is a significant chance, that stablecoins will become the dominant player in the digital financial market soon. Everybody has a chance to participate in the emerging market of the stable price assets and become one of its users to take the benefits in everyday transactions.

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Source: Corion Foundation’s own estimation

The CorionX is a utility token and stands for the use of stablecoins, CBDCs and OpenFinance cryptocurrencies. It brings different stablecoin and crpytocurrency projects, service providers and community members together, introducing them to the world and supports the building of a stablecoin user community. CorionX creates the framework for education, expansion and promotion for usage and payment with different stablecoins globally. CorionX leads the Stablecoin Movement to succeed in the paradigm shift and using stable crypto in the everyday life.

CorionX act as the “gas” for stablecoins adoption. CorionX is not a stablecoin itself, but has many benefits and incentives in usage and popularization of stablecoins.

CorionX utility token use cases on the Corion infrastructure by the Corion Foundation:

- Stablecoin and cryptocurrency projects, industry stakeholders and institutions can use the CorionX utility token in order to access the services (for example scoring) they get from the Foundation (Whitepaper chapter 4.3. How can the Foundation facilitate stablecoin stakeholders directly).

- CorionX can be used to pay membership fees and other service fees of CorionX and Corion Foundation infrastructure in CorionX.

- The Foundation is continuously working on forming partnerships and settling white label services to allow to CorionX user community to use these infrastructures at more favourable conditions (Whitepaper chapter 4.4. What kind of infrastructure for stablecoins?).

- CorionX users will have access to operate and transact on the network.

- Token holders are entitled to be rewarded 2.5% quarterly in the Loyalty Staking Program on their own right. Staking providers, partner exchanges will be allowed to provide additional, special staking rewards. (Whitepaper chapter 5.6. CorionX Stablecoin Loyalty Staking Program)

- CorionX holders are eligible to engage in stablecoin, DeFi and lending giveaways, airdrops offered by the Corion Foundation in partnership with the stablecoin issuers, payment providers and platforms to support through their expansion the usage of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

- The Foundation’s team and community recruits merchants to accept stablecoins and they will be able to discuss promotions, donated with CorionX.

- Service providers and merchants accepting stablecoins will be motivated to use CorionX for promotions and cashbacks to encourage stablecoin payments, usage within their consumers.

- Donors, sponsors will be able to donate in Fiat money, in crypto and in CorionX to support the Foundation’s and the Stablecoin Movement’s activities.

CorionX use cases by the Stablecoin Movement:

- The main focus of our Foundation is: to educate people to understand stablecoins, CBDCs, DeFi and cryptocurrencies better and show how they can be beneficial in our everyday financial life and how the stablecoin and crypto world is developing globally. Fix amount of CorionX utility token is designed to reward contributors of the Stablecoin Movement and activate merchants and users to engage.

- We are running different campaign programs to help the awareness of our movement. The success of the campaign will be measured by the number of daily stablecoin users. CorionX holders get benefits and special access to participate in the campaign programs:

- Content program

- Event program

- Social media program

- Ambassador program

- Partner program

- Merchant program

- Institution program

- Finance, sponsorship program

- Market Analysis and Research program

- The Foundation will support crypto communities, partner projects and Hub’s in certain regions with CorionX to promote and support expansion of stablecoins and the Movement.


- CorionX is used for bounties by Corion Foundation to increase the number of community members and their stablecoin/cryptocurrency usage. We cooperate with bounty program providers, exchanges and Telegram groups. The goal of the bounties is educating, creating content, doing marketing, sharing in social media and joining specific groups.

- The goal of CorionX is to be listed on relevant exchanges and DEXs where stable intermediary coins are traded. Community active participation needed to take part in listing votings and other supporting activities. Foundation will work on expanding CorionX utility token to support in community votings in partnership with different voting systems. There will be no voting rights available in Foundation’s business activity and operation and, in general about financial aspects.

CorionX raises awareness through the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement and helps to scale up stablecoin, DeFi and cryptocurrency adoption.

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CorionX IEO on Probit:

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This series is supported by the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement backed by CorionX.

If you are a backer or philanthropist who are willing to contribute to the movement’s costs — do not hesitate to contact us by email or reach out to our official LinkedIn or Telegram group — we always appreciate your comments!

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Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.

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