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A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency designed for price stability, such that it can function as medium of exchange and unit of account as an alternative to fiat currencies. We believe that stablecoins are the new crypto instruments which will have full potential to change how we do payments globally.

The Corion Foundation team has been working for more than 3 years to make market adaptation and the worldwide use of stablecoins. Currently stablecoins are used by a narrow user group. All the signs (user demand, merchant’s need, technology development, regulations, acceptance) show us the growing number of users and a need for a new payment solution.

Corion Foundation aims to support the creation of an infrastructure (Wallet, Swap, Merchant Gateway) that supports storing, using and spending stablecoins and complies with all relevant regulations and data protection laws.

Our main goal is to create a movement and raise awareness regarding stablecoins.

Have a better understanding of the market including scoring & standards.

We are constantly negotiating with stakeholders for a global acceptance through ambassadors and running a Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement with different campaign programs to help the awareness of stablecoins.

The success of the campaign will be measured by the number of daily payment stablecoin users. Corion is constantly working on to reach 20m daily payment stablecoin users in the next few years.

The campaign is not concerned about one single stablecoin, instead it covers the whole stablecoin industry. “- Stablecoins, Money in the Right Direction- ”. Read more about the ‘Stablecoin Movement’ here.

CorionX is not a stablecoin itself but a utility token that is part of the creation of a Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement to educate people to understand stablecoins better and show how they can be beneficial in our everyday financial life and how the stablecoin world is developing globally.

CorionX Utility Token for Multiple Purposes:

  • Easy to use, technically simple, focus on stablecoins awareness
  • Moral and financial support for the Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement programs.
  • CorionX utility token is designed to reward contributors of the Stablecoin Movement and activate merchants and users to engage.
  • Used for bounties and rewards to increase the number of the stablecoin community members and their stablecoins usage.
  • Stakeholders and institutions can pay for the services (for example Scoring) they get from the Foundation in CorionX
  • CorionX can be used partially as collateral for stablecoins as CorionX intended to utilize and to represent the industry.

Why #HODL CorionX

  • Blockchain and stablecoins offer great opportunities
  • Condemned to success. CorionX enforces scaling up stablecoin projects, and rides the wave for innovation,
  • Conventional history of money will change dramatically and stablecoins will shape the future of our financial industry
  • Stablecoins can be a payment solution for millions of people.

CorionX is Leading the Stablecoin Future

Crypto and the global payment market is growing, and CorionX is poised to capture its growth. Thanks to its financial structure, CorionX encourages its network users to accept stablecoins on one stable platform.

As an extra our Stablecoin Loyalty Program gives away, 60.000.000 CorionX tokens which will be distributed in 4 instalments quarterly, 4*15.000.000 tokens, in proportion to capital between all public addresses holding CorionX in the first year after our official launch.

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At due date the foundation will scan all public addresses on the entire Ethereum network for the amount of CorionX tokens they hold (based on the number of CorionX token hold at that time).

Our Loyalty Program allows substantial benefits to CorionX holders.

CorionX Tokens will be distributed among members, investors and supporters of the stablecoin communities and introducing it to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Please note that in the Stablecoin Movement tokens above 7000 CorX, will be distributed as follow:

40% Prompt of the reward and the 60% rest is distributed through 15 months, 4% each month.

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The total supply is 400.000.000, which is a limited supply. The emission value: $0.015

Official launch planned in 2019.

To know more about our distribution and loyalty program please get in touch with our team or visit our official website.

If you are a backer or donator who are willing to contribute to the campaign’s costs — do not hesitate to contact us by email or reach out to our official LinkedIn or Telegram group — we always appreciate your comments!

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“Stablecoins. Money in the right direction” Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement

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Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.

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