Last Call to Swap

  1. Create an ETHEREUM (ETH) address in an ERC 20 token compatible Wallet, to where you are able to receive CorionX tokens. We recommend use Trust Wallet. For help, check this Tutorial. You will need give this ETH address in the Swap form.
  2. Check your Corion balance in your Corion Wallet
  3. Apply to Swap (issue: Corion to CorionX swap sign up) and fill in all of the field and simply click ‘submit’.
  4. We will contact you with further steps via the e-mail address that you provided. Note: Please check your spam folder as well, just in case. In the email you will find your personal swap address you should send your Corion Coins.
  5. Login to your Corion Wallet and send your Corion balance (minus 5 Corion) to your personal swap address you got via email.
  6. After 48 hours you will get your CorionX to your ETH address you gave us in the form.



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Corion Foundation

Corion Foundation


Corion is a Swiss-based foundation (2016). It was created with the aim of helping the development and spread of #stablecoins in the World.